" Rest Of Your Life is The Best Of Your Life "
  • Your Life Is product of your values not feelings.

  • Your Life is a product of your Decisions not of conditions.

  • Take Initiave to make good things happen in your life.

  • Use proactive language

  • It increases your effectivity by times.

  • Focus on circle of influnce rather than circle of concern.

  • Opposite of proactive is reactive. Almost in popular culture. People are reactive.

  • Showing of Slides,Discussion, Physical Demonstration & Medaitive Techniques, Mental Videos Techniques.


  • Your power is in your thoughts so stay awre, in others ways " REMEMBER TO REMEMBER "

  • To attract mone, focus on wealth. it is impossible to bring more money into your life when you focous on thr lack of it.

  • To use the law of attraction to your advantage,make it habitual way of being , not just a one      event.
  • Gratitude is a powerful process for shifing your energy more of what you want in to your life .Be grateful for what you already have & you will attract more good things

  • Decide what you want. belive you can have it. beliveit is possible for you and then close your eyes every day for several minutes & visulize having what you have already want, the feeling of already having it come out of that focus on what you are grateful for alerady & enjoy it then go into your day & release to the universe & trust that the universe will figure out how to manifest.

  • The hows are the domain of universe it always nows th shortest,quickest,fastest,most harmonius way between you and your dream.

  • The daily practice of gratitude is one of the conduits by which you will come to you.
  • Law Of Gratitude

  • Law of Forgiveness

  • Focusing Visualisation Affirmations

  • Money Blue Print

  • Health & Happiness

  • Physical & Mental Clearing

  • Meditaion Technique & Practices

  • Thoughts, Frequencies, Enery Law of Attraction

  • Traning of Alpha Mind Techniques

  • Harmonious Relations

  • Protection & Proactive Habits

  • Meditation Technique Practives

  • How Coincidence Guide Us

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